I choose Spoonflower for all these reasons

You know, I live in a small city, where it is almost impossible to get cotton fabrics of quality and diversity.

So, designing and printing the fabric in Spoonflower is the most practical solution for me. 

They strive to ensure that fabrics are good for the earth and for you.

From their low-waste digital print process and organic fabric options to FSC-certified paper options, they seek to provide products made safely and sustainably.




Spoonflower’s digital print on demand process is designed to minimize wasted fabric and ink. Since they print only what you order, there’s no leftover printed fabric that we can’t use.

Ink colors are mixed from 4-6 basic colors as your fabric is printed, so unlike screen printing, there’s no mixing of colors in advance of the print process.

Their print process also doesn’t require any wet post-processing, so there’s no water consumed during printing.

Spoonflower’s inks and dyes have been tested for harmful chemicals (like formaldehyde and lead) and are found to be safe for infant use.

All of their fabrics have been tested for safety.

They do offer two fabrics that have been certified organic according to Global Organic Textile Standards (GOTS): they Organic Cotton Sateen and Organic Cotton Knit.

Thir Satin gift wrap is chlorine-free and has been certified by the FSC as a paper made with responsibly-sourced pulp.

The factory that produces the paper is carbon-neutral and manufactured in a facility that runs on Green-e certified Wind Power Energy credits.


Are you interested ?

Do you want to buy any of my designs or cut and sew patterns?

Please let me know and then we just see what you need and the best way to achieve it.


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